Payment Options & Insurance

We are pleased to offer electronic transmission of insurance claims directly to insurance companies.

Do You Often Find Yourself Thinking “I Look Older Than My Age”?

It’s a personal and professional asset that helps with nonverbal communication. Having a smile you feel confident in does wonders for your self image.

Cosmetic dentistry provides you with many options to adjust the appearance of your teeth.

We strive to offer the best value in cosmetic dentistry: quality dentistry may be more expensive initially, but it is more beautiful and more durable, making it a better investment over time. Plus, investing in your oral health can often reduce other healthcare costs in addition to improving your quality of life.

The costs associated with enhancement dental procedures vary widely depending upon the type and complexity of the procedure. While the benefits of a new smile can be priceless, enhancement dental procedures can sometimes be costly. Don’t let the cost scare you, help is available.

The Benefits and Limits of Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can help cover a portion of your treatment but can be complex and should be looked into thoroughly before proceeding. Dental insurance is not medical insurance, where most medical insurance plans cover the entire cost of a treatment — with the patient contributing only a minimal co-pay — dental insurance rarely covers an entire procedure, especially for cosmetic reasons.

Payment Options

Dr. Stevens offers payment options for her patients, which include payment by Visa, Mastercard, debit, or through a dental financing company such as Dental Card or PayBright. The first step is to schedule an initial appointment to determine exactly what procedures are needed, and how much those procedures will cost. Dr. Stevens will then discuss your various payment options and work out a plan best suited for you.

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Your smile is one of the most important factors in interpersonal relationships and professional situations. More than that, your smile can help you feel good about yourself so you can face whatever life throws at you with confidence.