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Dentistry Is a Constantly-Advancing Discipline

At Andrea Stevens Dentistry, we work hard to assess the latest advanced dental technology and decide how it will improve the results or experience of our patients. Those that offer clear benefits take up a coveted place in our technology roster. Here are some of the technologies we’ve opted to offer:
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The Wand Dental Anesthesia System

The Wand – a Single Tooth Anesthesia System – is a computer-controlled pen that freezes the tissue before the needle enters the skin, distributing freezing without feeling the pressure or sting. The computer gauges the pressure build-up in the tissue and prevents delivery of anesthetic if there is too much pressure. The Wand can freeze one tooth (or multiple teeth), and can eliminate the numbing of the surrounding lip and tongue so you can smile immediately following your visit. Most importantly, patients tell us they didn’t even feel “the shot!
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Airflow™ and Microsonic Dental Hygiene Scaler

Traditional hand scaling can be very unpleasant for most people, and may also not be fully effective in removing plaque and bacteria from under the gums. We offer our patients the latest in technology and comfort by using the Airflow™ and Piezoelectric Microsonic Scaler. These tools allow your hygienist to effectively remove hard deposits from tooth and root surfaces while providing the benefits of comfort, lavage, biofilm disruption and undamaged root surfaces.
Biopak Computer and T E N S Therapy ottawa dentist

Biopak Computer and T.E.N.S. Therapy

Very few people have a perfect bite and for some patients, pain can occur and create discomfort in their head or neck. This pain can be pinpointed by a specialized technology known as the BioPak. This technology allows Dr. Stevens to see how the muscles of the head and neck react to rest and measures their efficiency when biting and chewing. Our team can record the movements and noises made by your jaw joints and show us precisely what type of treatment would be required to properly balance your bite. When muscles are out of balance, we use T.E.N.S. (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation), which can put muscles in a more relaxed state for better diagnosis of the imbalance. This process allows us to find the most comfortable, unstrained jaw position for the teeth to bite together therefore relieving jaw pain.
Digital Radiography ottawa dentist

Digital Radiography and Photography

In lieu of traditional x-rays, Dr. Stevens uses direct sensor digital radiography. While the radiation exposure to patients from dental x-rays using film is quite low compared to a chest x-ray, using digital x-rays decreases that risk up to 90% more than traditional film x-rays. Images are immediately projected onto computer monitors for easy viewing and can be zoomed in much larger than actual size. Dr. Stevens also takes digital photographs of all new patients, as well as during many types of treatment. This allows the team to give each patient a “tour” of their mouth to review any potential issues and complete a thorough diagnosis.
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Paperless Office

Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry is proud to be a paper-free office! Computers throughout the office and in each treatment room allow us to do everything electronically, accessing information from anywhere in the office. We are also pleased to offer electronic transmission of insurance claim forms directly to insurance companies so you can receive your benefits in a timely manner. Appointment scheduling and confirmations can be completed via telephone or email as each patient is given an email address to contact his or her Treatment Coordinator for any questions they might have.
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If the sounds of treatment in the dental office make you uncomfortable, you may be interested in learning about a new way to improve your oral hygiene through our all-tissue dental lasers. The benefit of using lasers is less-invasive treatments with faster healing time than some traditional procedures. We use lasers in our office for gum tissue sculpting, gum therapy, and release of tongue and lip ties.
State Of The Art Sterilization Techniques ottawa dentist

State-Of-The-Art Sterilization Techniques

In an effort to exceed the guidelines of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO), we employ state-of-the-art sterilization techniques for all of the tools and equipment we use. Our equipment is treated by several levels of disinfection and sterilization, and our system is arranged so that “dirty” items never contact “clean” items.


NuCalm allows you to be relaxed at the dentist without drugs Instead, this neuroscience technology uses your body’s own relaxation mechanisms to essentially “shut off” your anxiety response. You’ll be in a meditative state that can be so refreshing, you’ll likely forget about your fear of the dentist. You can head back to work or school without any lingering side effects.
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