NuCalm Allows You To Be Relaxed at the Dentist Without Drugs

Instead, this neuroscience technology uses your body’s own relaxation mechanisms to essentially “shut off” your anxiety response. You’ll be in a meditative state that can be so refreshing, you’ll likely forget about your fear of the dentist. You can head back to work or school without any lingering side effects.

NuCalm Accomplishes This Using Three Simple Components:

  • GABA transdermal patch: GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a natural sleep hormone that helps your body prepare for rest.
  • Neuro acoustic software: Put simply, this is a technology that plays two different types of beats that help your brain relax. The beats make your brainwaves match and as a result, you feel calm.
  • Light-blocking mask: Like a sleeping mask, this keeps out the bright light from the dental operatory. The light has been known to amplify your stress and make it hard to relax, but this mask blocks it out and helps you relax.
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The Benefits of NuCalm

  • Control dental anxiety
  • Desensitize your gag reflex
  • Avoid muscle tension and soreness
  • Get and stay relaxed in just five minutes without the use of drugs
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