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Is Sleep Apnea Bad For Your Teeth?

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you are most likely aware of the different consequences it can have on your overall health. Not only does sleep apnea put you at a higher risk for heart conditions, but it actually affects your teeth. Dr. Andrea Stevens can help treat your sleep apnea and save [...]

Why You Should Avoid Over The Counter Whitening Products

It might feel tempting to purchase the whitening strips from the store or the whitening kit you saw an ad for on Facebook. What many people don’t consider these products sold online and in stores is their quality. At Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry, we want our patients to achieve a healthy and white [...]

New Review Suggests Protruding Teeth More Likely to Be Damaged in the Long Run

When you smile, chances are you are showing a simple smile with flat teeth arranged in a curving arch as they contour to your face. Not everyone has the luck to have flat teeth and occasionally, teeth come in at a variety of angles. Some teeth may even be altered by simple acts like sucking [...]

5 Benefits of FOY® Dentures (And Why You Should Ask Your Dentist About Them)

If you have dentures, you know that there are certain things that most dentists expect you to just deal with, rather than providing an alternative or solution for. However, Dr. Andrea Stevens takes a much different approach to dentures and offers FOY®  Dentures, or the Denture Fountain of Youth® as an alternative to the traditional [...]

How FOY® Dentures Rejuvenate Your Look

Just because you've lost your teeth, it doesn't mean you want to look or feel old. Unfortunately, most dentists think that if you've lost your teeth, you should be resigned to an aged appearance. They give you dentures that are poorly fitted and can make you look older. Even worse, these poorly fitted dentures can [...]

3 Ways to See What You’ll Look Like with Veneers

Veneers are a powerful cosmetic dentistry procedure. They have the ability to completely transform your smile, straightening teeth, closing gaps, reshaping teeth, and even brightening your smile at the same time.  However, veneers are also a very big commitment, and it can be hard to commit to the procedure. It can help you feel better [...]

New Treatment May Restore Oral Health and Reverse Tooth Decay

Receiving a diagnosis of gum disease is scary. Gum disease begins with tooth and gum sensitivity, progresses with the gums receding away from the teeth, and can progress to teeth falling out and even bone decay in the jaw. However, as medical science continues to evolve and Dr. Andrea Stevens stays on the leading edge [...]

Is Your Jaw Pain Also a Pain In the Neck?

I recently spent 6 full days taking back-to-back advanced courses on how to better treat patients who suffer from TMJ pain and headaches, and my brain is full! The other class participants and I, all general dentists from Canada, United States, Germany, and Australia reviewed patient cases, learned new methods of treatment, and even watched [...]