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Why Clear Aligners are the Best Orthodontic Treatment During the Pandemic

The pandemic has made us rethink a lot of things we do in our lives from grocery shopping, visiting loved ones, traveling, to just taking a walk outside. As we try to spend as much time at home, we have to make adjustments in our lives to still reach our goals and become our [...]

Does Your Dentist Care About Your Overall Wellbeing?

Dentistry is not an easy job. Becoming a dentist takes years of schooling, clinical experience, and real-world practice. Becoming a good dentist takes even more work. Only a good dentist can retain all that education and still care about their patients’ overall wellbeing.  When you decide on your dentist, their bedside manner and compassion [...]

Have Realistic Expectations for Migraine Medications and Consider Alternatives

When researchers developed the newest class of migraine medications, which target the calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), there was tremendous hope for their potential. There was so much hope that four of the world’s largest drug companies were developing the drugs simultaneously. They each hoped to beat the other to market. They saw it as [...]

Laser Dentistry is Not Just the Newest Fad — It’s Good for Your Teeth

You may have heard dentists talking about laser dentistry in the past few years, and now you're wondering what it's all about. Well, laser dentistry could really help your teeth and your overall smile. This method reduces pain, limits bleeding, and shortens healing time. If you are thinking about laser dentistry, then come see [...]

Restorative Dentistry Can (and Should Be) Cosmetic Dentistry, Too

If you need restorative dentistry, it’s important to carefully consider your options. One factor that many people neglect is that they should make sure their dentist can give them a cosmetic restoration. People often think of restorative and cosmetic dentistry as being two very different disciplines, but the truth is that they are actually very [...]

Why Our Nonsurgical Facelifts Often Look Better Than Surgery

If you are unhappy because your face looks older than you feel, you might consider plastic surgery to look younger.  But for many people, the results of plastic surgery don’t make them look younger, they make them look different, sometimes even with a stretched, windswept look. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this [...]

Signs Your Dentures Are Making You Look Older

Getting older may be better than the alternative, but that doesn’t make it great. Even worse than getting older, though, is looking older. Especially if your apparent age is much higher than your actual age.  Unfortunately, if you wear dentures, the odds are good that your apparent age is much higher than your actual [...]

What We Mean When We Say Dental Implants Last a Lifetime

On the face of it, saying something lasts a lifetime should have a simple meaning: it lasts forever, or close enough to forever that the difference isn’t significant. However, most people have probably realized that’s not always what people mean when talking about a product. Many of us have tried to take advantage of [...]

TMJ, Jaw Asymmetry, and Controlled Arch Braces

For many people, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD) is linked to a diverse and sometimes obscure combination of symptoms. It can be hard to link the symptoms you’re experiencing to your jaw joint, especially if your doctor is attributing your headache and other symptoms to different causes.  However, other times the presence of [...]

Get Your Smile on Time: How Long Cosmetic Dentistry Takes

With our free virtual consultations, you can start planning your cosmetic dentistry procedures now, even though coronavirus restrictions keep us from performing the actual procedures. This means that we can hit the ground running when restrictions are lifted to help you get ready for events that might still be held over the summer and [...]

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