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Experience the Future of Dentistry – Laser Dentistry

You may have already heard about laser dentistry, but if not, now is a great time to learn more about what it is and the benefits it offers. At Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry, we take our patient’s comfort into deep consideration. One of the reasons we invested in laser dentistry for our dental [...]

Is Sleep Apnea Bad For Your Teeth?

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you are most likely aware of the different consequences it can have on your overall health. Not only does sleep apnea put you at a higher risk for heart conditions, but it actually affects your teeth. Dr. Andrea Stevens can help treat your sleep apnea and save [...]

New Treatment May Restore Oral Health and Reverse Tooth Decay

Receiving a diagnosis of gum disease is scary. Gum disease begins with tooth and gum sensitivity, progresses with the gums receding away from the teeth, and can progress to teeth falling out and even bone decay in the jaw. However, as medical science continues to evolve and Dr. Andrea Stevens stays on the leading edge [...]

Are "New Teeth in a Day" Really Possible? – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

My teeth are in such bad shape, I am overwhelmed just thinking about what to do next! This patient's teeth are almost entirely built with filling material and are very weak. This also makes his gums very unhealthy. All-on-Four treatment would make his mouth much healthier. We often meet patients who have been [...]

The Trouble with Lemon Water – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

Lemon water may provide health benefits, but what is the damage to your teeth? In the ever-continuing quest for better health, we have another player in the "what-to-drink-all-day" market...lemon water, cold, warm, or even with honey...taken every day, and sometimes throughout the day. The purported benefits include Gives your immune system a boost. Vitamin C [...]

Our Best Dentistry is Always Getting Better! – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

Things are constantly changing in the world of medicine and dentistry, and many dental offices strive to keep up with innovation and offer more services under one roof.  Our dental office is no exception, as continuing education is a serious part of our philosophy of care. While some dentists are satisfied to do their learning [...]

Don’t Tell Your Dentist What To Do! Kanata Ottawa Dentist

In this very interesting era of internet usage, it is so common for us to receive treatment requests from patients based on their own research. We receive almost daily emails through our website saying things like "I read online that x-rays are bad for you, so I don't want them!" I am all for patients making educated [...]

Don’t Put It Off Any Longer! – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

This patient loves her new smile and can't wait to treat the bottom teeth! One of my favorite long-time patients told me a story today about her uncle. He was a very proud man, but had many dental problems when he was young that led him to wearing a denture to replace his [...]

Dental Treatment With A Cancer Diagnosis – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

The Canadian Cancer Society is here to support and inform you through a cancer diagnosis. Your dentist can support you in good dental health along the way. It was estimated in 2015 that 196,900 new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in Canada, and in the US in 2016 the number of new diagnoses of cancer [...]