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5 Good Reasons NOT To Have Teeth Removed for Braces

Why shouldn't I have teeth taken out if they are all crowded? A beautiful smile without removing premolars is possible! Most dentists and orthodontists were trained in school to remove premolars when a patient has crowded teeth.  Space is then created, and that space can be used to relieve the crowding of the other teeth.  [...]

Don’t Put It Off Any Longer! – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

This patient loves her new smile and can't wait to treat the bottom teeth! One of my favorite long-time patients told me a story today about her uncle. He was a very proud man, but had many dental problems when he was young that led him to wearing a denture to replace his [...]

So What If I Snore?

Snoring is seen as a joke, but it can pose serious health risks! I was just talking to a long-time patient about the radio ads I do on Majic 100, and I mentioned that the ones that truly bring the most response are those about treating snoring.  His head perked up…he said “my wife would like to [...]

A Problem More Dangerous Than Texting While Driving – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

A Problem Even More Dangerous Than Texting While Driving Untreated Sleep Apnea can be just as dangerous as texting while driving! It’s hard to open a newspaper these days without finding a story about texting while driving — and that’s not surprising, considering how dangerous it can be.  What is surprising is that another major [...]

Do You HATE Your CPAP?

Imagine tearing off that irritating mask and turning off the noise forever. If that sounds great, chances are you’re one of the roughly 50% of sleep apnea patients who simply can’t tolerate their CPAP machines. According to experts, that works out to about 6 million people. So if you find yourself hitting the off switch in the middle of the night, you’ve got [...]

Your Snoring Could Be Threatening Your Life – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

If your partner's snoring ruins your sleep, there is a solution! If the only thing your snoring did was keep your family awake, it would be bad enough. Getting shortchanged on sleep makes people irritable – and, frankly, it’s just plain hard to feel loving toward somebody whose snoring wakes you up several [...]

Depression or Sleep Disorder, Chicken or Egg? – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

Could poor sleep cause depression? Just last week was Bell Let's Talk Day, where Bell donated more than $6 million to mental health support and research.  On my social media, the screen was filled with people talking openly about how they've suffered from mental illness including depression. Some stories so sad, as a close friend [...]

Teeth That Don’t Fit Together – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

If you look carefully, you can see that the teeth are more open on the left side than the right side. What happens if a person is born with one leg vastly shorter than the other? Having specially-made shoes and boots help balance the person and help fool the brain and body into [...]

Ear Pain and Your Teeth, What’s the Connection?

Pain is not normal. Severe, constant pain robs people of their everyday life. Finding the source of pain can be extremely difficult, especially when it comes to the head and neck. Backaches are the number one reason patients seek out a doctor, and head and neck pain is second, so it is quite common. You can't see [...]