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TMJ, Jaw Asymmetry, and Controlled Arch Braces

For many people, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD) is linked to a diverse and sometimes obscure combination of symptoms. It can be hard to link the symptoms you’re experiencing to your jaw joint, especially if your doctor is attributing your headache and other symptoms to different causes.  However, other times the presence of [...]

Get Your Smile on Time: How Long Cosmetic Dentistry Takes

With our free virtual consultations, you can start planning your cosmetic dentistry procedures now, even though coronavirus restrictions keep us from performing the actual procedures. This means that we can hit the ground running when restrictions are lifted to help you get ready for events that might still be held over the summer and [...]

5 Good Reasons NOT To Have Teeth Removed for Braces

Why shouldn't I have teeth taken out if they are all crowded? A beautiful smile without removing premolars is possible! Most dentists and orthodontists were trained in school to remove premolars when a patient has crowded teeth.  Space is then created, and that space can be used to relieve the crowding of the other teeth.  [...]

Can I Fix The Space Between My Teeth Easily?

Spaces between teeth can be easily corrected with cosmetic dentistry! I never liked my smile because... This sentence is one I hear all the time in my dental practice! And there is nothing more fun for us to do than help our patients have the smile of their dreams!  The companies that promote [...]