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Sleep Apnea

Fixing Cavities is the Least Important Thing We Do! – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

Fixing cavities is the least important thing we do in our practice...really! This is what dentists have fixed for years, cavities! What in the world is she talking about now? She's a DENTIST, for goodness sakes!  Isn't that all they DO? I know, and to be honest, that's exactly what I thought the [...]

If You Sleep Less Than 6 Hours, You MUST Read this – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

I have written before about the dangers of "burning the midnight oil", something of which I'm also guilty! When this article on Medscape (please note anyone can have a free Medscape subscription, necessary to access this article) came to my attention, I thought the overview of the various findings related to sleeping less than 6 hours [...]

Prevent Ravaging Effects of Mouth Breathing in Children-Kanata Ottawa Dentist

What's the big deal about mouth breathing? This is the mouth of an adult who was a mouth breather as a child. In a previous blog post, we have written about how breathing through the mouth as a child can cause crooked teeth, collapsed bites, headaches, neck aches, ear problems like tinnitus, dizziness, [...]

Food Sensitivity Testing in a Dental Office? – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

Another title for this blog post could be "Why did Dr. Stevens have food sensitivity testing?" Are these healthy foods making you sick? A few months ago, our dental team joined many other dental teams from around the world at a dental meeting in Calgary, Alberta. Called the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA), this [...]

How to Feel Calm at the Dentist – Kanata/Ottawa Dentist

Do you ever feel anxious at the dentist? Are YOU nervous about dental treatment? I am here to tell you that if you feel anxious, so does your dentist! REALLY! Our nervous patients are more fidgety, more sensitive to touch/light, more likely to need extra dental freezing, need breaks more often…which makes it harder to [...]

5 Reasons NOT to Avoid the Dentist – Kanata, Ottawa Dentist

Why do patients avoid the dentist? We hear negative statements from patients every single day in dental practice. Here are five things we hear all the time, and the reasons these objections should NOT keep you from routine dental care. "I'm afraid of treatment." It is amazing how a single negative experience can change our [...]

5 Reasons Your Sleep Is Important – Kanata/Ottawa Dentist

Besides feeling tired, why do I need a good night's sleep? There are so many reasons that a good night's sleep is important...but I will limit myself to 5...for now...these are not in any particular order...except for #1!  Now you'll have to read on to find out...don't cheat! #5 - Weight Gain/Loss Research shows that [...]

Sleep Better and Add Ten Years to Your Life – Kanata/Ottawa Dentist

We are tired. We do not function to our potential.  Worse yet...we think that's normal!  "I'm tired because I have kids" or "I'm tired because my job is stressful" or "I'm tired because I'm getting older."  What if I told you that being tired, day in and day out isn't normal? Not even because you have [...]

What My Patients Wish Doctors Knew – Kanata/Ottawa Dentist

I wish my doctor knew a dentist can treat this! Yes, that's me, checking teeth. But as a dentist I evaluate so much more! When I heard this from yet another patient today, I was determined to write a blog on this subject.  Dentists have a unique "window" to look into the overall [...]

Sleep Apnea…Is It Really Such A Big Deal?? – Kanata Dentist

What if you never feel well-rested? Do you think your spouse has sleep apnea? We are hearing more and more lately about the dangers to our overall health from not getting proper sleep. The words "sleep debt" are often written about in the medical literature, and this refers to the additive effect of not getting [...]