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Teeth Whitening

Get Your Smile on Time: How Long Cosmetic Dentistry Takes

With our free virtual consultations, you can start planning your cosmetic dentistry procedures now, even though coronavirus restrictions keep us from performing the actual procedures. This means that we can hit the ground running when restrictions are lifted to help you get ready for events that might still be held over the summer and [...]

Your Guide to Removing Nicotine Stains From Your Teeth

Although there are plenty of factors that can contribute to stained or discolored teeth, nicotine use is one of the top reasons your teeth change colours. Whether you smoke regularly or use chewing tobacco, it can take a toll on your oral health and the appearance of your smile over time. At Meet Dr. Stevens

Why You Should Avoid Over The Counter Whitening Products

It might feel tempting to purchase the whitening strips from the store or the whitening kit you saw an ad for on Facebook. What many people don’t consider these products sold online and in stores is their quality. At Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry, we want our patients to achieve a healthy and white [...]