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Why is My New Patient Exam So Long? Kanata Ottawa Dentist

We were recently emailed by a couple new to the Kanata, Ontario area, as they are looking for a new dentist.  "We've been regularly going to the dentist every six months in...[previous home town], and are looking to continue that care with you here in Kanata." After scheduling appointments, our receptionist informed the gentleman that [...]

I Hate Denture Adhesive! Kanata Ottawa Dentist

You've been wearing a denture for many years, and you are getting sick and tired of all the "goo" you have to use to keep the darn thing in place when you are talking or eating! Even worse, when it does stay in, food bits get stuck underneath...and having all of that plastic in your mouth [...]

How Do You Know If You Have A Cavity? – Kanata Ottawa Dentist

You go to your dentist for a checkup...and SURPRISE! You have a cavity, and your dentist says it's a BIG ONE! How is it possible you didn't know about this? You may have been missing some signs along the way that a cavity was growing! First, what IS a cavity anyway? A cavity is literally [...]

Your Child Just Fell and Broke a Front Tooth! Kanata Ottawa Dentist

I received a message via Facebook Messenger this weekend from someone living in my neighborhood...her son, three years old, had fallen and banged his front tooth. Her pediatric dentist wasn't available, so she asked me "What do I do now???" Childhood injuries are so common, and the front teeth are involved in these injuries an [...]

How Much Should Your Dentist Tell You? Kanata Ottawa Dentist

I was a little curious, so last week I posed a question on my personal Facebook page for my non-dental friends to answer. This is a question I asked on Facebook recently about dentistry. Why did I ask this question? It's easy to be someone's first dentist, or only dentist, but complications can [...]

Benefits of Dental Floss Unproven, The Real Story!

If you are like many of my dental patients this week, you also heard about the the report on Good Morning America and other media outlets about flossing.  You see, it appears from this article that "experts believe" the flossing isn't necessary for prevention of cavities and gum disease. Here's a link to the story [...]