You may have already heard about laser dentistry, but if not, now is a great time to learn more about what it is and the benefits it offers. At Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry, we take our patient’s comfort into deep consideration. One of the reasons we invested in laser dentistry for our dental office is to give our patients a better dental experience. See how laser dentistry enhances your experience as a patient.

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Less Discomfort

One of the top benefits of laser dentistry in comparison to traditional methods is that it offers patients less discomfort during procedures. Most of the discomfort patients experience during treatments comes from the vibration or heat from the drill. When we use laser dentistry, there is little to no vibration. Most patients don’t even need local anesthetic because they can’t even feel the laser.

Less Bleeding

Unlike traditional methods, laser dentistry can actually control your bleeding. When Dr. Stevens performs your treatment, she can cauterize the area to stop the bleeding. This means you don’t need sutures either!

Reduced Anxiety

Patients who experience dental anxiety generally feel heightened anxiety when they hear the sound of the drill. With laser dentistry, there is no drill sound. Patients can enjoy a quiet treatment and also experience less anxiety during their next appointment. However, we’re still happy to offer NuCalm to help you stay relaxed throughout your entire procedure.

Improved Precision and Shorter Recovery Time

Using a laser can also help Dr. Stevens complete your procedure with more precision. Since there is more precision, this can cut down on your recovery time. She only uses the laser where she needs to so you don’t experience excess discomfort or recovery areas.

Shorter Procedure

Since Dr. Stevens can work more precisely with laser dentistry, she can complete your procedure even faster. This means you can spend less time at our dental office and more time enjoying life!

Fewer Infections

The last major benefit of laser dentistry is fewer infections. When Dr. Stevens uses the laser for your procedures, the laser automatically disinfects each area it touches. This prevents you from dealing with complications post your procedure.

If you’re ready to experience procedures that offer less discomfort, faster recovery times and many more benefits, schedule an appointment at Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry in Kanata. Give us a call at 613.271.7091 today. Visiting the dentist will never feel the same with laser dentistry.