Spaces between teeth can be easily corrected with cosmetic dentistry!

I never liked my smile because…

This sentence is one I hear all the time in my dental practice! And there is nothing more fun for us to do than help our patients have the smile of their dreams!  The companies that promote whitening and veneers would like every patient to think that they can have simple and non-invasive treatments performed, in an hour or less, that will correct not only every dental imperfection, but also last forever. The conversation we have with patients each day about why the “easy” treatment may not work the best for them can be very confusing…which is why I would like to highlight some of the possible treatments offered to help improve smiles…along with some photographs of the appropriate types of dental conditions for each.

Spaces Between Teeth

This week we will focus on space between teeth. This adult patient never liked the space between his front teeth.  Called in fancy dental terminology a “diastema”, this patient was given several options, including orthodontic treatment (with brackets or Invisalign), which he declined.  In one appointment, with no dental freezing, we used bonding to visually close the space between his front teeth, and he is very happy with the results! Patients having bonding treatment should understand that this material can chip and stain, especially in smokers and coffee-drinkers, and the bonding may need to be repaired or replaced in 2-5 years.

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