Meet Chris. He is an adult patient of our practice with excellent oral hygiene, but he has worn down his teeth with years of grinding and clenching.

Close up of Chris’ teeth before

A closer look shows that the biting edges of his teeth form a bit of a roller coaster from one side to the other, a hallmark of this type of patient.  When the bite is uneven, the body senses this and causes grindng to try to wear away any interferences. Chris wore his teeth down so badly that he broke teeth, needed several root canals, and he even wore through  porcelain and gold crowns! He decided he wanted to do something to fix his smile so he would have his teeth healthy and strong for life.

Balancing a bite

We started out Chris’ treatment with computer measurement of his muscles, to see how his teeth could meet in a way his muscles would find comfortable.  Then for several months, Chris wore an appliance on his teeth as a test of that comfortable bite. Finally, we made crowns for Chris’ teeth to stabilize his new bite position and rebuild his broken teeth into strong healthy teeth.  He was always after stablility and function…but the bonus he received was an AWESOME SMILE!

Chris after!

This treatment was completed in December 2010.  We continue to see Chris every 3 months in our office to closely monitor all the work we did.  His new smile looks amazing, taking many years off of his appearance. I often ask him how he feels about the treatment he received, and his overwhelming comment is that he wishes he did this sooner.  He loves telling his friends about the benefits of having his mouth treated comprehensively…why it was better for our skilled dental laboratory technicians at Aurum Classic Dental Laboratory in Ottawa…and why it was better for him.

 Treatment like this may be possible for you also.  Contact our office to see if comprehensive dentistry is right for you.