This patient’s small teeth were corrected with porcelain veneers

Small Teeth

Some patients are born with teeth smaller than the average, and it is very obvious when only a few teeth are much smaller than the others. A fairly common developmental condition known as “peg lateral incisors” describes the teeth on either side of the front teeth which are significantly smaller, and often shaped like an ice cream cone.  This can sometimes be corrected with bonding, but in this case shown the parents of this university-aged girl opted to have porcelain veneers placed for greater strength and better esthetics. After an initial brief appointment for impressions of her teeth, this treatment was accomplished in two appointments spaced two weeks apart. This patient (and her mom!) are thrilled with the result! Porcelain veneers can be expected to last 10 years, or sometimes longer when the patient takes great care of their teeth.  Also important…not using the teeth as tools!

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