The holiday season is stressful enough. The last thing you need is brand-new pain in your jaw, neck, back, or frequent migraines. Is it possible this new pain is a result of the holiday season? Dr. Andrea Stevens is a TMJ specialist in Kanata who can help you find pain relief during this holiday season.

Is Your Recent TMJ Pain Caused By the Holiday Season

Stress and TMJ

The stress of the holiday season is sometimes over bearable. With all the shopping, baking, decorating and spending money, stress might cause you TMJ pain. When you feel stressed, it’s normal to clench your jaw, grind your teeth, or find it impossible to relax your face. When you strain the muscles in your jaw and face, have an off bite, or muscle tension in your neck or back, it can cause TMJ pain.

TMJ pain is more common in women than in men. They are actually three times more likely to experience TMJ pain than men. If you suffer from any TMJ symptoms, it’s important to visit Dr. Andrea Stevens for a proper diagnosis. Once she diagnoses you, she can provide you with the necessary treatment to help you find relief.

Why the Holiday Season Causes TMJ Symptoms

There are several reasons why the holidays might cause TMJ pain to flare up. For starters, shopping is incredibly stressful. From finding the perfect gift to dealing with traffic and crowded stores, shopping might be your main source of stress-induced TMJ.

Believe it or not but putting up Christmas decorations might cause you to stress as well. If you tend to put pressure on yourself to have the most perfect Christmas decorations inside and outside, it will also put pressure on your jaw.

You might also experience TMJ pain caused by eating the wrong types of foods. If you’re enjoying too many chewy, sweet foods, this can take a toll on your TMJ. When you chew too much, it can strain your jaw just like running a lot can strain your legs. Take what you’re chewing into consideration this holiday season. Try to balance between chewy and hard crunchy foods with soft foods.

How to Combat TMJ During the Holidays

If you’re experiencing any TMJ pain this holiday season, it’s important to reduce your stress levels to find relief. First, make sure you rest sufficiently. Getting enough sleep is especially important when you’re jam-packed with holiday activities. The more rested you feel, the less stressed you will feel. You should also make sure you drink enough water. Staying hydrated helps prevent muscle damage and soreness.

If you feel stressed at the thought of shopping in-stores, try shopping online instead. You don’t have to deal with crowds or parking. You can get everything done from the comfort of your home.

If your TMJ pain becomes unbearable this holiday season or occurs all year long, you can benefit from TMJ treatment from Dr. Andrea Stevens in Kanata. Please call our dental office at 613.271.7091 or contact us online for an appointment.