Do trips to the dentist bring out feelings of anxiety and dread? Do you struggle with stress management in your daily life? If the answer is yes, we have some good news for you. It doesn’t have to be that way.  We have recently introduced a new service called NuCalm – an all-natural, stress intervention technology that is truly remarkable. Using four components (topical cream or chewable dietary supplements, micro-current stimulation patches, noise-dampening headphones, and light-blocking eye masks), NuCalm has proven to have a dramatic impact on the most skittish of patients.

In just 3-5 minutes, NuCalm begins to take effect. Not unlike the feelings that precede falling to sleep, the body relaxes and breathing deepens. You may even experience body twitches – a sure sign that you are relaxed. Being in this state makes dental care that once caused you great stress something that you now handle with ease and relaxation. And as an added bonus, a 45-min NuCalm session is equivalent to 2-5 hours of deep, restorative sleep.

The uses of NuCalm aren’t limited to dental anxiety. It can also be applied in the following scenarios:

  • Recovery from poor sleep
  • To address jet lag
  • To relieve stress
  • Prior to important meetings, presentation or events
  • To resolve neuro-muscular tension
  • To improve mental clarity and decision-making

In fact, NuCalm is so effective that Dr. Stevens keeps her own set at home.

For more information about how to reduce stress by using NuCalm, please call us at 613-703-2317. As our valued patient, your first session is complimentary (Value: $50).