You may have heard dentists talking about laser dentistry in the past few years, and now you’re wondering what it’s all about. Well, laser dentistry could really help your teeth and your overall smile. This method reduces pain, limits bleeding, and shortens healing time. If you are thinking about laser dentistry, then come see Dr. Andrea Stevens in Kanata, Ontario.

laser shining a woman's teethWhat is Laser Dentistry?

For some of you, a laser light show in your mouth sounds like a lot of fun. Others may be thinking that lasers could cause more damage than their benefits. We want to assure you that laser dentistry is both safe and reliable. We even use these top-notch lasers for a variety of treatments such as gum disease, aesthetics, and tooth damage. 

Laser Treatment for Gum Disease and Overgrown Gums

Some people develop periodontal gum disease over time, a disease that affects the soft tissue in your mouth. Gum disease can be very painful in addition to making your gums swell and bleed. Unfortunately, gum disease often leads to other health conditions. These include heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other issues. Instead, seeing Dr. Stevens for restorative laser dentistry can remove gum disease and prevent further health conditions.

Other people are born with overgrown gums. Unfortunately, extra gums could lead to the deterioration of your teeth. However, the most common complaint we hear is about the aesthetics of gummy smiles, which then requires cosmetic dentistry. Laser dentistry helps us remove extra gums comfortably and precisely. Compared to using a scalpel, as we did in the past, laser dentistry is a dream come true.

Laser Treatment for Tooth Damage

Before laser dentistry, we used drills to remove damage from your teeth to prepare for restorations. Now, we can use a hard tissue laser. This makes your appointments more relaxing since you no longer have to deal with the noise and grit. Your appointments will also be less painful as lasers are much more precise. 

Why Use Lasers?

We don’t just use lasers to show off – there are vast benefits behind laser dentistry. Lasers have changed the world of restorative dentistry in many ways. Procedures are not only shorter and more precise but our patients also experience lessened discomfort, bleeding, and recovery time. Also, many patients claim that their dental anxiety rapidly decreases due to the removal of drilling at the dentist’s office.

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If you need dental work and think that the benefits of laser dentistry sound appealing, visit Dr. Stevens in Kanata, Ontario. We are happy to care for you and your smile in the most precise, painless way possible. To schedule an appointment, visit our website or call today at 613.271.7091.