What if you had a magic wand…

Sue’s Top Teeth Before

Sue’s Bottom Teeth Before









When discussing dental treatment with my patients, friends or family they frequently ask “what would you do?” I often find myself starting this conversation by saying “if I had a magic wand I would…” and to be realistic I do not have a magic wand… but I am working on it! My name is Courtney, and I am one of the Treatment Coordinators in our team at Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry. By writing this blog I am hoping my patients or future patients will appreciate that our team here are patients, too, and we also strive for that perfect healthy smile.  As a team, we believe that a perfect and healthy smile starts with a balanced bite, gums that never bleed and flawless restorations. So how does that happen?

Just last week we had a patient (her before and after photos are shown here) hug Dr. Stevens after completing her last filling appointment. Our patient was finally finished after 6 years of comprehensive treatment.  I know… 6 years is a LONG time. The patient had described herself as having “British teeth” (very crooked and crowded), missing teeth, and unbearable migraines. Over the last 6 years she finished treatment with us for her headaches (including full braces), had 2 dental implants to replace her missing teeth, whitened her teeth and had all of her amalgam (silver) fillings replaced. Through all of this treatment, the patient maintained excellent oral hygiene and saw her hygienist every 3 months for cleanings.

Sue’s Top Teeth After!

Sue’s Bottom Teeth After!







Magic wand treatment—balanced bite, white teeth, healthy gums, flawless restorations.    This description of treatment shows that while a “magic wand” approach to dental beauty and health is possible, it may not be as fast as it appears on reality television shows. This all depends on what condition a patient’s mouth is in when she arrives in our office for the first time.  The best part of my job as a Dental Hygienist and Treatment Coordinator is guiding each patient through treatment with Dr. Stevens to have the perfect, healthy smile they dream about!