This past fall, we posted a blog about NuCalm – the all-natural, stress intervention technology that we introduced in Dr. Stevens’ dentistry practice. It’s truly been a revelation for many patients, and what’s more, it’s proven to be beneficial beyond the dentist’s chair.

One such case, featuring Dr. Stevens was recently profiled on NuCalm’s website. One of Dr. Stevens’ patients, James Thorne – a military serviceman who was suffering from terrible stress relating to a combination of combat trauma and his subsequent work as a digital forensics examiner. In this role, James has to evaluate devastating cases of child abuse and child pornography.

Dr. Stevens recommended he try NuCalm to see if it would have a positive impact on his daily struggles. It worked so well that Dr. Stevens arranged for NuCalm to donate a system. “He has given so much to the cause of freedom overseas and so much to improving our local quality of life, I cannot think of a more deserving person.”

To learn more about James Thorne’s success with NuCalm, read NuCalm may help serviceman overcome crippling stress

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