This diploma is a ticket to learn more about what I love…dentistry!

You’ve made commitments to your oral health, you’ve had lots of dentistry done in the past. You may be coming from a dentist you loved and trusted, who has now retired. Or…from a dentist you didn’t trust at all.  And now, you’re seeing me. I know you’ve been through a lot.  I know you once trusted dentistry.  But now, you’re not so sure. I know despite my years in practice I am the new kid on the block for you.

I know how patients think, because I’m a patient also. You don’t like coming to the dentist, and you don’t like thinking about spending more money than your insurance will return to you. You think dental work is expensive, and maybe I’m more expensive than the dentists your friends see. I know you hope any dentist seeing you tells you that no treatment is needed, or only very inexpensive treatment is needed. You hope I tell you I can patch that tooth one more time…

I want to share with you the way I think, my philosophy of care. When a dentist becomes a dentist, around 25 or 26 years old, we are all pretty much the same. Getting a dental license is a bit like getting a driver’s license.  there is simply no time in dental school to become a great driver. How good you become in this profession is based on how willing you are to train after you graduate from dental school. For a variety of reasons, we don’t all equally commit to that level of continued training. One reason is…we don’t have to! The requirements to keep a license to practice are minimal, and the second reason is that the average dentist, just like the average teacher, policemen, lawyer…any profession…don’t care that they are average. There are a lot of things that come up in a person’s life like hobbies or sports that become more important to people than their vocation. I tell you this because dentistry…and only dentistry…is something I’ve done for more than 20 years. I don’t collect art, sell real estate, or even golf.  For all of these years, I’ve either practised dentistry or studied under some of the best minds in the profession.

When someone becomes a patient in my practice, I may discuss some things that no one has ever brought up.  You might hear me talk about your gums, missing teeth, how well you sleep, even your bite because more often than not, it’s all related. Basically I look at five things when I examine a patient: your gum health, your teeth, missing teeth, your bite, and your smile. From that, I can create a game plan, a treatment plan, to give you a healthier mouth. I’m going to do what you pay me to do–a thorough exam.  Make sense?

The recommendations I make to you will be the same whether or not you have dental insurance, because that has nothing to do with what type of care is in your best interest. But I can tell you this much…whatever I suggest is exactly how I would treat my family and my friends. Period. Picture this: in a few months from now, you’re going to walk out of my office and whatever goals you had for the health of your mouth will be achieved.  All you have to do is take my advice, it’s that simple.

Dr. Andrea Stevens is a cosmetic and family dentist in practice in Kanata, Ontario. If you have dental questions, you can call her at 613-271-7091 or visit her at Please also feel free to leave comments or questions below, and Dr. Stevens will be happy to answer.