Can fixing my teeth really change the way my face looks?

This photo demonstrates the before (left) and after (right) of the change new dentures can make!

The pictures demonstrate what non-surgical dentistry actually represents. The before pictures were taken prior to dental work. The after pictures are after the dental procedure. This is not a denture patient! This was achieved by placing new porcelain crowns!

The eye naturally picks up the differences in the different pictures, but the brain doesn’t always think about it. Can you see that the nose in the after pictures actually look smaller and the lips look fuller? She also has fewer wrinkles in and around her lips and has lost the cleft between her lips and chin. Her chin is now more forward and in line with the rest of her face.

And no, she did not have a new chin placed to make it look that way. I can assure you, other than downsizing the pictures for this blog, these pictures have not been altered in the least. There was no chin lift, no Botox, no fillers, no skin treatment or any other surgery in any fashion or form. This transformation was achieved by crowning all 28 teeth to a more forward jaw position.

If a bite is in a healthy position, one can look in the mirror, pull down their lower lip, bite down and see a major portion of their lower teeth.  Teeth that fit this way usually create a very uniform and natural looking profile.

If, on the other hand, when you bite down and you can’t see the lower teeth, you have what dentists call a closed bite. Just because one has a closed bite doesn’t mean they need this extensive type of dentistry. Most learn to adapt and never have any idea about their bite.

This patient’s closed bite created pain problems. She had ringing and stuffy ears, neck aches and tension headaches in the temples and behind the eyes. Her new bite freed the lower jaw and allowed it to come forward, which is the main reason her profile changed so much.The new teeth also filled out her lips and erased some wrinkles. She now feels better, smiles more and has a new look just because of her new teeth.

I am continuously amazed at what modern dentistry can offer, and I really enjoy sharing these benefits to readers of our blog.

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