Things are constantly changing in the world of medicine and dentistry, and many dental offices strive to keep up with innovation and offer more services under one roof.  Our dental office is no exception, as continuing education is a serious part of our philosophy of care. While some dentists are satisfied to do their learning from books and lectures, I would always prefer to learn skills hand-on.


Dr. Stevens was excited to have placed her first dental implant, and went on to successfully place 31 more over four days!

Last week, I had the great experience of attending a continuing education course about placing Dental Implants in Dominican Republic.  When I finished dental school in 1994, dental implants were expected to be placed only by oral surgeons, not by a general dentist, and so we were not instructed in their placement. However, over the last 20 years the placement of dental implants has become more commonplace and predictable, and general dentists all over the world are expanding their skills to be able to offer this service to their patients. My patients have been asking me to provide this treatment for them, and I finally found what I consider to be the best way to learn…a practical application, hand-on with real patients, backed up by experts in the field.

With a group of four other dentists and under the guidance of instructors, we placed 150 dental implants in four days (I personally placed 32) for residents of Dominican Republic. This work was done basically for free for patients who may not otherwise have been able to afford this type of treatment. A variety of complicated cases were all successfully treated in this setting, and all of the dentists involved walked away with more experience than some residents of dental specialty programs get over two years!

All this is to say…we are proud and excited to be able to now offer dental implant placement as one of the services we provide in our office! You may be surprised to discover that this method of tooth replacement is comparable in cost to a Dental Bridge with a much better long-term outcome.  Contact our office for more information!

Dr. Andrea Stevens is a cosmetic and family dentist in practice in Kanata, Ontario. If you have dental questions, you can call her at 613-271-7091 or visit her at Please also feel free to leave comments or questions below, and Dr. Stevens will be happy to answer.