Although there are plenty of factors that can contribute to stained or discolored teeth, nicotine use is one of the top reasons your teeth change colours. Whether you smoke regularly or use chewing tobacco, it can take a toll on your oral health and the appearance of your smile over time. At Andrea Stevens Dentistry in Kanata, ON, we want to help our patients feel confident in their smile at all times. If you suffer from stains from your nicotine use, we have options to help.

Cigarette butt extinguished

How Nicotine Stains Teeth

Not only does smoking or chewing tobacco cause your teeth to look stained, but it makes your teeth more susceptible to staining. Since your teeth are porous and absorb anything that comes into contact with them, it’s quite easy for them to become stained.

When you use tobacco products, the tar and nicotine in tobacco enter your teeth through pores to cause brown or yellow discolouration. Although nicotine is colourless, when it combines with oxygen, it resembles a yellow shade. This is how nicotine stains your teeth. When it comes to chewing tobacco, when your saliva mixes with the brown tobacco, it becomes the perfect combination to stain your teeth.

Nicotine’s Damage to Your Teeth Beyond Staining

Not only do you have to endure harsh stains with nicotine use, but also additional damage to your teeth. Nicotine can also do quite a bit of harm to your gums. First, smoking weakens your immune system. Then when you inhale the smoke or chew on the tobacco, the chemicals come into contact with your teeth and gums to irritate them. Since your immune system is weaker than usual, your body is less able to fight off a gum infection. Therefore, those who use nicotine are more likely to experience gum disease and other infections in their mouth. Not to mention, tobacco products can harm your enamel.

Removing Nicotine Stains From Teeth with Professional Teeth Whitening

If you feel embarrassed about your stained or discoloured teeth from tobacco use, don’t worry, we have professional teeth whitening options that can help. Dr. Stevens will decide which product to use, how long to use it, and whether at-home or in-office whitening is best for your situation. After your professional tooth whitening treatment, you can achieve a beautiful white smile once again.

The key to maintaining your beautiful new smile, however, is to quit using tobacco products altogether. Not only will this benefit your oral health and the appearance of your smile, but your overall health.

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