If you need restorative dentistry, it’s important to carefully consider your options. One factor that many people neglect is that they should make sure their dentist can give them a cosmetic restoration. People often think of restorative and cosmetic dentistry as being two very different disciplines, but the truth is that they are actually very similar, and there are good reasons why your restorative procedure should be cosmetic, too. 

Procedures Often Overlap

cute woman points to her amazing smileRemember when we said above that cosmetic and restorative dentistry are very similar? In fact, many of the procedures are exactly the same. Dental crowns for example, are often used to repair damaged teeth as a restorative procedure. However, they are also often used as a cosmetic procedure, too. 

Sometimes, this is to repair cosmetic damage to teeth, including both trauma and wear, but it could also be related to congenital conditions such as retained baby teeth. 

But the important truth is that the procedure is the same, whether it’s being used for cosmetic or restorative purposes. This means that when you’re getting a crown placed for restoration, it can also achieve cosmetic goals at the same time

Beauty and Function Go Together

In dentistry, we often say that beautiful teeth are functional teeth. That’s because the principles of beauty and function harmonize in dentistry. 

People often praise straight, even teeth for their beauty. But being straight and even helps teeth chew more efficiently, too. The efficient forces are also more balanced, which can reduce wear on your teeth, helping to extend their life. 

Finally, straight teeth are easier to clean, which helps them stay healthier–it can reduce your risk of gum disease. 

White teeth are also praised for their beauty, but this is also a sign of their health. Teeth that are white have healthy enamel. Discolored teeth might conceal a loss of minerals in enamel and even the beginnings of cavities. 

This means that you should demand your restorative dentistry meets these two standards of beauty: evenly matching your natural teeth, and having a natural whiteness that helps you detect when your teeth are discolored and/or damaged. 

Being Beautiful Is a Function of Your Teeth

Beauty supports function, but beauty is actually an important function of its own. Having an attractive smile is an essential asset in personal and professional relationships. Some people consider your smile a critical part of your personal brand. It’s how people identify you, and it’s what people are most likely to remember about you. 

So an unattractive restoration has not restored your teeth to full function. It’s missing a critical part of what makes your teeth important. Unless restorative dentistry is cosmetic, it isn’t really restorative, either. 

Beautiful Restorative Dentistry in Ottawa

If you are looking for restorative dentistry in the Ottawa area, don’t forget that the best restorative dentistry is cosmetic dentistry, too. 

If you are looking for restorative dentistry that’s cosmetic, too, Dr. Andrea Stevens can help. From her office in Kanata, she delivers dental restorations that are as beautiful as they are functional. Please call 613.271.7091 today for an appointment.