Getting older may be better than the alternative, but that doesn’t make it great. Even worse than getting older, though, is looking older. Especially if your apparent age is much higher than your actual age. 

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Unfortunately, if you wear dentures, the odds are good that your apparent age is much higher than your actual age. But it doesn’t have to be that way. FOY ® Dentures can actually help you look younger, which is just one of their many benefits

But how do you know if your dentures are the problem? Here are some common signs of facial aging caused or worsened by dentures. 

Sunken Cheeks

One of the biggest problems people experience with dentures is sunken cheeks. Your teeth and jaws provide the structure that supports your cheeks, and when these are gone, your cheeks either sink, fold in, or both. 

When traditional dentures replace your teeth, they generally don’t provide the same support for your cheeks. That’s because dentures aren’t secure and have to be put back further in your mouth for stability. This allows your cheeks to sink in. 

Compressed Lips

Your teeth and jaws provide the vertical support for your facial structure. When the teeth are lost and your jaws diminished, it creates the concertina effect, which not only causes wrinkles, but also compresses your lips, making them thin and flat. 

Traditional dentures don’t have enough vertical dimension to restore your facial proportions, which means that you likely have shortened features, including compressed lips. 

Wrinkles around the Mouth

As your features are compressing and folding around the mouth, it contributes to wrinkling there. This can contribute to several different types of wrinkles, including lipstick lines (aka smoker’s lines), nasolabial folds, and a fold between your lips and chin. 

Wrinkles around Your Eyes

It’s true: poorly fitting dentures can contribute to wrinkles around your eyes. That’s because it’s harder to smile when dentures don’t support your face the way your teeth did. This means that you can experience worse and deeper wrinkles around your eyes as well as your mouth. 

Jowls and Poorly Defined Chin

While your cheeks can sink in when they don’t have support, they can also sag down. When your cheeks sag down, they become jowls. The fat pads that look youthful and healthy on your cheek look old and unhealthy when they hang below your jaw. 

If you think about it, part of the problem is that your jaw is moving up. If your teeth don’t create enough space between the upper and lower jaws, the cheeks and skin hang down below the lower jaw, erasing your jaw line. 

Turkey Neck

This is another problem caused by not having enough support for your facial skin. Instead of stretching over your well-defined chin, the skin just hangs down on your neck, creating the phenomenon of turkey neck. 

Restore Your Youthful Appearance

If you are tired of looking older than you feel, FOY ® Dentures can help you look younger. To learn if they are right for you, please call 613.271.7091 today for an appointment with Kanata denture dentist Dr. Andrea Stevens, serving the entire Ottawa area.