Staining, and chipping, and eroding–oh my! Unfortunately, certain foods and beverages can seriously harm your teeth if you aren’t careful.

Luckily, you have ways to both prevent harming your teeth and restore your teeth to their former glory. Here at Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry, we want your teeth to be as white, straight, and beautiful as possible. So, here are our top tips for saving your teeth!

A cup of ice water sits on top of table top, condensation

The Worst Foods For Your Teeth

  • Exceedingly Hard Foods – Avoid chewing ice or other hard substances. Although you might think that ice is safe because it has no sugar or dye, the crunchiness of ice can seriously damage your enamel, leaving you with an open cavity that needs to be filled immediately.
  • Acidic Foods – Highly acidic foods, such as sour candies and citrus, break down tooth enamel. This, in turn, allows for exposure to other substances, such as sugars and bacteria. When sugar and bacteria get into crevices or cracks in teeth, your teeth begin to decay.
  • Sugar – We all know that sugar is bad for your teeth. Still, we won’t ask you to cut out sugar entirely, just cut back on your sugar intake. Save your sugary treats and only consume them once a day or less. To further protect your teeth, brush after eating sugary foods.
  • Sticky Foods – Foods that are sticky and chewy in your mouth probably stay with you longer than you think. Sticky foods have the ability to attach to the crevices in your teeth and erode them. These foods include both dried fruit and bread. Since they aren’t so bad for you, we don’t recommend cutting sticky foods out entirely. Instead, you should brush shortly after eating sticky foods.
  • Foods That Stain – It’s pretty obvious which foods will stain your teeth. If it can stain your clothes, it can probably stain your teeth, too. Try to stay away from too many beets, berries, and cups of coffee.

Preventing Staining, Chipping, and Erosion

Always stay informed about which foods you shouldn’t eat a lot of and ask your dentist for help if you need it. Once you know which foods and drinks are bad for your teeth, it’s easier to cut back. Plus, Dr. Stevens in Kanata is happy to help her patients with suggestions and prevention tips.

If you require further assistance, cosmetic or restorative dentistry might be the answer. Teeth whitening could fix those coffee-stained chompers and tooth-coloured fillings could fill those sugar-deposit cavities.

Whatever your dentistry needs, come visit us at Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry to see how we can help. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Stevens online or call us at 613.271.7091.