As we age, our faces begin to sag and wrinkle. Although we apply more and more anti-aging face lotion daily, wrinkles simply appear. Because of this, you may feel like you need something better to improve your looks.

That’s where facelifts come in. Whether you choose surgical or nonsurgical facelifts, these procedures can help you restore your appearance. With a fresh new look, your self-confidence grows as well.

Here at Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry, we understand the effect a dazzling smile can make. However, many of our patients don’t know about the effect your teeth have on the rest of your face. Since we want the best for our patients, you should know all your options.

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Surgical Facelifts Are Not for Everyone

Aging comes naturally with time but has other causes as well. Exposure to the elements and excessive stress can damage your appearance in addition to years.

During traditional facelift surgery, your doctor tightens your muscles to contour the face. Additionally, your surgeon may remove excess skin or pockets of fat that have accumulated in your cheeks or jaw.

After surgery, patients must take time to recover, starting with the crucial first week. During this week, patients must wear bandages and check on scarring regularly to ensure the tissues don’t get infected. Swelling and bruising also continue for weeks after the surgery, with each patient experiencing different amounts of time.

Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover the costly investment of plastic surgery. However, with the promise of long-lasting results, some patients consider surgical facelifts investments worth making.

Nonsurgical Facelifts Could be the Answer

Plastic surgery may sound scary to you. Fortunately, if you don’t want to go under the knife, you have other options. For example, neuromuscular dentists offer nonsurgical facelifts that realign your jaw to reduce the effects of aging. With this option, you’ll get the best of both worlds: a renewed smile and minimal recovery time.

Where traditional facelifts only fix the outer appearances of aging, nonsurgical facelifts go deeper to correct the underlying structural changes. One of the major causes of facial aging is the loss of volume in fat, teeth, and bones. Due to these losses, mainly in the jaw, the skin begins to pull and sag.

When your teeth start to wear and your jaw drags, your teeth deteriorate faster. This, in turn, quickens aging. However, nonsurgical facelifts can reverse these effects by fixing your smile and your jawline. Dr. Stevens will replace lost teeth with dental implants or restore them with dental veneers and crowns. The newly aligned teeth will then correct your jaw and rejuvenate your face.

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Your smile is important to you, which means that it’s important to us, too. Whether your face has aged due to external conditions, tooth loss, or time, we can help you renew your smile. Schedule an appointment online with Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry or give us a call at 613.271.7091.