While we are all taught to brush and floss our teeth, eat healthy foods without too much sugar, and visit the dentist regularly from a young age, some of us are still not able to keep our teeth for a lifetime. Time, fear, and cost may keep patients from having routine dental care…and the dental conditions can get out of hand. These patients are now in the position of losing their teeth and aren’t happy about the idea of wearing ill-fitting dentures. Who can blame them!

One of the best newer solutions in this scenario involves using All-on-4 dental implants to secure new teeth in the same day the damaged teeth are removed! In fact, it’s possible to create the smile of your dreams and no one will ever know they aren’t your own teeth!

Before starting this type of treatment, it’s helpful to hear the experience of patients who have already completed their new smiles. Here, you’ll meet Kia, a patient of Dr. Stevens and Dr. Hassan Moghadam. She’ll tell you everything you might need to know about getting new teeth in a day! Contact our office at 613.271.7091 for more details.