Have you been told that you need to change the way you brush because you are damaging your teeth?

If so, I would disagree.  I do not believe there is a toothbrush sold in North America today that is capable of damaging your teeth.  Your teeth are the hardest substance in your body.  Just think about all of the lawsuits there would be if Crest or Colgate were making toothbrushes that damaged teeth!

Maybe there’s a different reason for this tooth wear.

I am talking about those notches that happen on teeth at the gumline, the kind you can usually feel with your fingernail.  Sometimes these areas can be sensitive to hot or cold.  Dentists used to believe that improper brushing techniques were wearing down the enamel and creating these notches.  This is incorrect.  These notches are called abfractions, and they are caused by grinding your teeth, or having an improper bite.

It could be a bad bite.

Having a bad bite or grinding your teeth creates micro-flexing of the teeth, which flexes the teeth where they meet the gums.  Enamel then microscopically splinters away, and over time that notch is created.  These notches are a sign of a bigger problem, as a bad bite is the leading cause of jaw joint (TMJ) problems.  These problems can lead to loss of teeth, jaw pain, jaw popping and clicking, chronic headaches, migraine headaches, soreness in the neck and back, and many others.  If you have this notching at the gumline, consider asking your dentist about it.