While dentists across the province are closed to all but emergency dental care, you don’t have to put off your dreams of a beautiful smile. We know many people plan for years about cosmetic dentistry, and you might feel that the pandemic has put an insurmountable roadblock in your way by requiring us to stop offering elective dental procedures.

However, with our free virtual consultations, you can start planning your smile makeover today so that we can get a running start once we’re open for cosmetic dentistry again. Here’s how it works.

man discussing his dentistry needs from the comfort of his home

Step 1: Upload Your Photo

We can’t give you an assessment of your smile if we can’t see it. So you’ll have to send us a picture of your smile. The best is just a selfie that includes a big smile.

Of course, we want to see more than just your smile. An ideal smile is harmonious with your facial appearance, so it’s best if you can send us a full-face picture of yourself smiling.

What if the area of concern isn’t visible when you smile? This might be something that shows up when you talk, such as a dark filling or perhaps a missing tooth that’s not in the immediate aesthetic zone. If that’s the case, just send us a picture of the area you want to address. We might ask for a full-face picture later if we think it’s necessary.

Step 2: Tell Us about Your Dream Smile

As a cosmetic dentist with a skilled eye, Dr. Andrea Stevens could easily assess the aesthetic problems with your smile and plan a smile makeover to achieve an objectively beautiful smile. However, the aesthetic concerns she identifies might not be the ones that bother you (some might even be smile quirks that you hope to maintain!)

That’s why we want you to talk to us about what you want to accomplish with your smile makeover. Identify the concerns you have with your current smile and how you hope to change them. Then we can design a smile makeover that achieves the smile you want, one that fits your personality and isn’t just a generic smile template.

Step 3: Get Customized Recommendations

Once we get your picture and description of your goals, Dr. Stevens will evaluate them. She will perform a detailed analysis, using her years of experience and extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes, she might need more information and will request it. Then she will develop a set of recommendations.

Sometimes, this will be a single recommended course of action. Other times, Dr. Stevens might see multiple ways to proceed to achieve your results. She will give you the pros and cons of each approach, then let you decide what you want to do.

Take the First Step to a New, Beautiful Smile

We know that none of us are getting out as much as we might like these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your smile journey on hold. Instead, you can take the first step to the smile of your dreams with our free virtual consultations.

Either use the virtual consultation now or call 613.271.7091 today to learn more about smile makeovers with Dr. Andrea Stevens.