The pandemic has made us rethink a lot of things we do in our lives from grocery shopping, visiting loved ones, traveling, to just taking a walk outside. As we try to spend as much time at home, we have to make adjustments in our lives to still reach our goals and become our best selves. If you were planning to start an orthodontic treatment this year like braces, you might not be considering whether you should wait until the pandemic has calmed down or if you should opt for a different treatment. 

If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient orthodontic treatment that requires few visits to the dentist, we highly recommend clear aligners. Discover why clear aligners are the perfect orthodontic treatment to choose from during the pandemic.

Getting Started is Easy

woman holding up Invisalign clear braces retainerWhen you get metal braces, the process is long – not exactly what you want to deal with during the pandemic. Instead of sitting in our chair for an hour while we glue brackets to your teeth, we will simply take digital impressions of your teeth and then send you on your way. Once your clear aligners return from the lab, we will show you how to use them and give you some care instructions and then your treatment will begin. We will only see you every six weeks or so for a quick inspection of your teeth to check on your treatment’s progress.

Clear Aligners are Convenient 

One of the first reasons why clear aligners are the best orthodontic treatment to choose during the pandemic is because of its convenience. The aligners are completely removable so you won’t have any issues with brushing or flossing your teeth or eating your favorite foods. Keeping your teeth and your aligners clean is a breeze. Simply just pop out your aligners at night and in the morning and soak them in clear aligners cleaner or gently brush them with your toothbrush. In just a few minutes, your aligners are clean and ready to go!

Dental Emergencies Likely Won’t Happen 

When you opt for clear aligners instead of traditional metal braces, you likely won’t experience as many dental emergencies. This is because when you have metal braces, the brackets and wires can easily break when you eat the wrong food or sometimes just because. Every time one of your brackets or wires breaks, you would then have to go see your dentist get them fixed. This means adding extra appointments during your treatment. If you’re trying to stay home as much as possible, having metal braces can make it more difficult with emergencies popping up on occasion. 

It Requires Fewer Appointments

With metal braces, you usually have to visit the dentist every four to six weeks to have your wires changed or tightened and ligatures swapped. Your Kanata dentist might also give you rubber bands to wear to fix alignment issues too. These appointments can take at least 30 minutes every time. With clear aligners, however, you only need to come in about every six weeks and your appointments are over in a flash. With clear aligners, you spend less time traveling to and from the office and less time in the office. This means you can stay home more often which is perfect for dealing with the pandemic.

You Don’t Have to Hide Your Smile Behind a Mask

One of the perks of the pandemic is that if you’re embarrassed about your smile, nobody really has to see it since you’re wearing a mask all the time. You could also easily hide an orthodontic treatment that way. With clear aligners, however, you won’t feel any need to hide your treatment by wearing a mask. Your aligners are nearly invisible so nobody will know you’re straightening your teeth anyways. You can wear a mask to protect others instead of wearing it to hide your smile. 

You’ll Come Out of the Pandemic Looking Great

If you’re looking for something to look forward to post-pandemic, a better smile can be one of them! clear aligners treatment typically takes anywhere from six months to two years to complete. With the end to the pandemic without an exact date, there’s a good chance you can come out of the pandemic either nearly done with your treatment or with a brand-new smile. Wouldn’t that be something amazing to look forward to?

We would like to remind you that while health officials recommend that you stay home as much as possible, it is still completely safe to visit the dentist. We’re taking the recommended precautions to keep you and our staff safe. However, if you would like to limit your exposure to the outside world as much as possible while straightening your teeth, clear aligners are the perfect alternative! Contact our Kanata, ON dental office at 613.271.7091 today to schedule a consultation for clear aligners with Dr. Stevens.