Why are there so many denture adhesives on pharmacy shelves?

The answer to this is simple: most dentures fit poorly! Maybe they never fit well from the day the patient received them, others have worn out with time, the fit changes when patients gain or lose a significant amount of weight, the bone changes more in the mouth when there are no teeth there …The possible reasons are many! All-in-all, denture wearers suffer greatly, because even a “good” denture is a poor substitute for natural teeth.

You see, there are basically 3 types of removable dentures available today:

Economy Dentures – Economy dentures are the least expensive choice.  They are very basic and can usually be “made in the same day.”  Some patients jokingly tell us that they only come in small, medium and large… and you get whatever fits the closest.

Traditional Dentures – Traditional dentures are the type of dentures that most general dentists make.  They will usually fit better and look better than economy dentures.  The drawbacks come when a patient has been told that they don’t have much bone to support dentures.

Neuromuscular Dentures– Neuromuscular Dentures are the most customized denture available.  These are the type of dentures that our office makes.  They are a more expensive type of denture, however, you will get the best comfort, fit, function and esthetics.

The basis of neuromuscular dentures is in having and keeping the best in muscle relaxation and function. This is important in dentures because this directly relates to the fit and appearance of dentures. In terms of the fit, because the dentures rest partially on muscles, when we achieve stable and relaxed muscles, the patient automatically gets a better fit.  Also, we build your bite at the position where the muscles will best function. This coincides with the same position that provides the greatest facial support. In other words the dentures that function best also look best.

You may have seen a person’s face “sink in” when they remove their dentures. A little amount of this “sunken in” look exists in dentures if they are not made to optimum neuromuscular dimensions. If time is taken to properly determine and capture all of these considerations in the new dentures, the patient will look better and feel better also.  In fact, some patient having this treatment have said they look like they had a facelift!

If you or someone you love is dissatisfied with the look, fit, or function of their dentures, please don’t be discouraged. These newer methods can be used to give back your confidence…all people will then notice is your beautiful, healthy-looking smile!