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Can a Tooth That is Broken to the Gumline Be Fixed?

Is it too late to save your broken tooth?

As painful as a broken tooth might be, it seems like the solution should be simple – especially if you walk into your dentist with the crown that’s fallen out. You should just be able to reattach it, right?

Even though your dentist sees plenty of patients with broken teeth (whether it’s before or after root canal treatments), the problem isn’t always as simple as placing a crown. If you don’t have enough exposed tooth surface – also known as ferrule – available, your crown is more likely to fail.

What is the best way to fix a broken tooth?

If your tooth doesn’t have at least 1.5 mm of ferrule, it’s more likely to fall out. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the remaining tooth structure is much more likely to fracture, and you may end up losing the tooth entirely.

If you want your tooth restored, there are two good options.

The first is a tooth extrusion. This involves using braces to over-erupt the tooth so that your dentist has more structure to work with. Once that is done, they will perform a crown lengthening procedure for a more visually appealing look.

The second option is a crown lengthening procedure on its own. This involves removing bone and gum from around your tooth in order to expose more of the structure. While this can work well, it may result in removing supporting bone from nearby teeth. The bone loss will make the space next to your teeth on either side appear bigger, which creates the appearance of a black space. Your teeth will be touching, but there is a triangle-shaped space at the base of your tooth and gum.

You may be hesitant to give your approval to either option and insist that the tooth be fixed as is. However, doing so means you may end up losing your tooth altogether. If you want to keep your tooth long term, requesting the tooth to be fixed as is is not a risk you should take as there is no way to tell how long it will last.

What if my dentist can’t fix my broken tooth?

Another option to consider when dealing with a broken tooth is to extract it and have bone grafting and a dental implant placed while there is still sufficient bone available.

Implant restorations can be very predictable and reliable when placed in patients who have the proper amount of bone support. This is the ideal treatment solution and it has quickly become the most common option.

Where can I get my broken tooth fixed in Ottawa?

If you’re looking for an experienced dentist who will always provide you all of your options, reach out to Dr. Andrea Stevens today.

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