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Dental Implants Will Give You Your Life Back

Whether you require a tooth be replaced, or a whole row or mouthful, dental implants are a worthy option.

They are the most effective and permanent way to achieve a healthy, full mouth that looks and feels as natural as possible.

It’s no fun losing functionality, confidence, and skin elasticity. We want you at your best for the rest of your life. Dental implants will truly last that long too, making them a worthy investment for your future.

Here are a few reasons dental implants are absolutely worth it, despite a higher upfront cost compared to some other options:

They’ll Restore Your Function

Being able to eat your favourite foods and laugh with your loved ones is invaluable; you cannot put a price on it.

Other options, like dentures, make it hard to bite into your food and complete simple tasks with ease. With dental implants you don’t have to think about limitations or malfunctions.

Dental implants secure your tooth restorations to your jaw, so they behave exactly as natural teeth would. This is not possible with any other procedure.

They’ll Maintain Your Youthfulness

Your teeth serve a much larger role in anti-aging than you may realize.

As you age your body starts losing volume in its teeth, gums, and jaw. Additionally when your jaw loses a tooth (whether it’s because of age or not), it no longer has a reason to produce bone where your tooth once rested.

The resulting bone loss from these factors means that your cheeks lose their structure too. They begin to cave into the extra spaces where the jaw and teeth are lacking, and sag or crinkle. The elasticity eventually decreases as the skin stretches and pulls down with gravity.

With nothing holding your skin firmly where it belongs, it begins to occupy places you may not want it. Dental implants prevent bone loss by taking the place of the tooth and telling the jaw to continue producing bone to support that ‘tooth’.

The necessary structure then continues to exist to hold lips and cheeks firmly in place.

They’re A Wise Investment

A worthy Investment is one that results in your profit, an increase in your quality of life, or an overall preservation of your money.

The reward of dental implants is a lifetime of satisfaction and saved dental costs. Yes, an actual lifetime (read more about that here).

Titanium implants are the most reliable and permanent solution on the market. Aside from standard maintenance and hygiene, you will likely never have to fuss over your teeth again.

When you think about the price tag and realize that what you’re really getting is self-esteem, a facelift, and a state-of-the-art solution to your dental concerns you will see that it is indeed worth the investment.

Dental implants are the gift that keeps giving back.

Others deserve to see your beautiful smile. That is priceless.

You can trust in Dr. Stevens to have your best interest in mind. We craft the restorations to look completely natural and ensure they complement your facial features to their best ability.

Call us today to find out if dental implants are right for you and to discuss financing options. Dr. Andrea Stevens would love to hear from you!

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