Does Your Dentist Care About Your Overall Wellbeing

Does Your Dentist Care About Your Overall Wellbeing?

Going to the dentist shouldn’t be scary.

You deserve to have a relaxing, positive experience at the dentist, and choosing a dentist is not a decision to take lightly. Becoming a dentist takes years of schooling, clinical experience, and real world practice, but a good dentist should also care about the overall well-being of their patients.

The right dentist will make sure you not only receive the best dental treatment and a good experience, but will also recognize how dentistry can affect your overall health.

We Want To Relieve Your Anxiety

At Dr. Andrea Stevens Dentistry, we have seen how your mental health can be affected by dental anxiety. We want to help relieve your dental anxiety.

One of the ways we help make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed is to treat you like family. Dr. Stevens and the whole team understand that going to the dentist isn’t always easy. We will talk to you and show you that we are here to support you.

We also use neuroscience technology to help you relax. NuCalm is a relaxation technology that helps patients suppress their anxiety and calm down without using sedative drugs and is another option that can help you relax at the dentist.

We Want To Improve Your Physical Health

Mental health is important, but your dentist plays a big role in your physical health as well.

Inflamed gums can cause other health problems, such as periodontal gum disease. This happens when bacteria builds up on your teeth and gums, which causes inflammation and pain over time. Worse, the bacteria and plaque can enter your veins and travel to your heart.

This can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic medical conditions. Your dentist should pay attention to your gums. This way, they will catch inflammation before the bacteria can spread. A regular cleaning with Dr. Stevens will help prevent systematic health issues and prevent the worries associated with health concerns.

Your Dentist in Kanata, Ontario

You can rest assured that we are looking out for your overall wellbeing. Our team cares about you and your health. If you want to visit us or have any questions about what we do, give us a call at 613.801.7274 or contact Dr. Andrea Stevens online.


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