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Everything You Need to Know About Plaque

Is your mouth under a plaque attack?

If so, your most valuable asset is being destroyed from within. Your teeth (and mouth as a whole) can be worth over $100,000. You do everything you can to keep your car and house in tip-top condition. Why not do the same for your teeth?

Where Does Plaque Come From?

Plaque is a form of something called biofilm, which is a collection of bacteria that join forces to wreak havoc on your mouth. Biofilm is found everywhere: in natural environments like on plants and animals, and on synthetic materials like medical implants and industrial surfaces.

Plaque is one of the most well-known and most studied variations of biofilm. The bacteria party going on in your mouth results in tooth decay and gum disease.

When loose calcium that is found in your saliva meets up with the plaque, the result is a rock hard substance called calculus.

Long story short, biofilm is the culprit behind decay and gum disease. Preventing and removing plaque is relatively easy.

How to Remove Plaque

Biofilm and plaque are like mosquitoes in the summer: constantly lurking, even when you don’t do anything to invite them in. Even when you’re not eating or drinking, the bacteria is nestling into your mouth.

The best way to keep your mouth disease free is to clean your teeth and gums at least twice a day. If you want an all-star team working together to keep your mouth healthy, consider adding the Sonicare toothbrush, WaterPik, and regular dental floss to your roster.

The toothbrush eradicates the biofilm with its cleaning technique, while the WaterPik banishes the food debris that the plaque-causing bacteria was feeding on. The floss works to get the stubborn plaque that hides between your teeth.

How to Prevent Plaque

In most cases, plaque and biofilm are the key players in tooth decay and gum disease, but they have support from systemic diseases and even your bite. Finding a knowledgeable dental team who can give you a customized regimen based on what they see in your mouth is a crucial step in stopping plaque in its tracks.

If your dentist is able to eliminate any places for plaque to form and you keep your teeth and gums healthy, the chances of you getting an infection are very slim.

If you want a dentist who can be on your team in the fight against gum disease and tooth decay, contact Dr. Andrea Stevens today.

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