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3 Ways We Make Your Dental Needs With Us Less Financially Stressful

Do you have a dental problem you’ve been putting off for a time when finances will be more stable, yet the time just never seems right?

Do you question whether the dental procedures will hold up against your regular tooth wear and tear, and be worthy of their hefty price tags?

Allow us to gladly ease your apprehension.

Financial Flexibility

Here at the clinic, we understand the constant unpredictability of family, economics, and just life in general.

We have been with you through many visits and we don’t want all of our joint hard work to be jeopardized because you’re currently struggling financially.

We understand that many things ebb and flow and recognize that with some patience and compassion, both parties will eventually win. With that being said, we offer financing plans.

We work with our patients by accepting dental financing companies such as Dental Card and PayBright so you don’t have to worry about upfront costs.

We also offer partial payments with debit, credit, insurance, and financing companies, so you can rest assured we will discreetly find a plan that works for everyone and you can get the care you need right away.

Optimal Care

Another important aspect of financial security when dealing in dentistry is the assurance that you’re getting what you pay for: an absolutely reasonable concern.

At Dr. Stevens’ office, we believe in everything we do, and we do everything to the best of our abilities. You’ll leave here smiling proudly, or grinning a lopsided grin (if your mouth is frozen on one side) proudly or you won’t pay a cent.

We ensure you’ll receive quality work worth investing in because:

  • We care about you and your well-being very much
  • We use state of the art equipment
  • Our team is impeccably educated and trained
  • When you’re happy, you come back to us!
  • Your smile is a walking advertisement for our clinic

You want nothing but to get that problem tooth fixed, and we want nothing more than to help with that. The money issue can be a collaborative after-thought, second to your care.

Accountability Assurance

While you can be confident that we seldom make mistakes or have things go awry, we cannot account for mother nature or the sheer unpredictability of life, or a mouth.

In the event of unforeseen discomfort following a procedure, or if something we did does not meet your satisfaction, resolutions will be made promptly and without charge.

We believe in accountability, transparency, and complete gratification. We invest in smiles, not frowns, and you invest in us, which we never take lightly.

These are three reasons you can stop worrying about the technicalities and get the care you need, by a team of people who care about you as a whole, teeth and all, and not your wallet.

Contact Dr. Andrea Stevens‘ office to set up a free virtual consultation, where we can review the issue at hand, create a treatment plan, and go over any concerns, financial or otherwise.


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