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Are You Too Old to Improve Your Smile?

Age is just a number when it comes to improving your smile

Ordering off the kid’s menu or getting student discounts at the movies might be things of the past as you get older, but getting a healthy, beautiful smile doesn’t have to be. Taking control of your oral health as you age is easier than ever with modern dentistry.

How has dentistry changed?

Most older patients visit their dentist with what we call “tooth-by-tooth” dentistry. This means that since childhood, their dentists have performed “reactive” treatments. If they had a cavity, their dentist would fill it. If their tooth broke, they would be fitted for a crown. This method has served many people, but it may no longer be the best treatment option today.

Tooth-by-tooth dentistry began many years ago when lifespans were shorter and tooth loss was not only common, but expected. In 1970 for example, the average male lifespan was 70 years and the average 70-year-old male was missing most or all of their teeth.

Now that the average Canadian is living to be 82 because of scientific advancements, you may be looking for ways to keep your teeth longer so that you can still enjoy your favourite things. To keep your teeth for the rest of your life, you have to start treating your mouth like you treat the rest of your body. Prevention, early diagnosis of dental problems, and more sophisticated treatment can help with that.

Why is it so important to get dental care as a senior?

The most important time in your life to have good dental health with healthy, strong teeth is during your senior years.

If your teeth are missing, weakened, or broken, you won’t be able to properly and painlessly chew your food. That is why when your dentist suggests improving your smile, they don’t necessarily mean making it look nicer, although that is an added benefit. When they mention improving your teeth, what they really mean is making your teeth stronger while considering everything that made them weak in the first place.

All of that is well and good, but a lot of seniors balk at the price that can be associated with this type of care.

In some cases, it can cost as much as buying a new car, which seems over-the-top. Who wants to pay that much for a teeth upgrade?

But how long are you going to have that car and is it going to benefit you the same way a healthier mouth will?

That new car won’t allow you to eat your favourite foods. It won’t give you the ability to laugh and smile with your loved ones without feeling self-conscious. It definitely won’t give you the comfort of being pain-free. While you can put a price-tag on a new smile, you can’t put one on peace of mind.

Where can I go to upgrade my smile in Kanata?

If you’re looking for a team who will help give you the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve been craving, reach out to Dr. Andrea Stevens. She and her team are waiting to help you.

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