Have Realistic Expectations for Migraine Medications and Consider Alternatives

Treatment Alternatives for Migraine Sufferers

Do you suffer from migraines?

If so, you probably already know there is no miracle drug that treats the often-debilitating symptoms and pain. While there was a lot of hope for the newest class of migraine medications, a new study shows that these drugs can help some sufferers, but not all of them.

If you have migraines, you may want to consider drug-free migraine treatments, especially if you also have TMJ related symptoms.

Migraine Medication Works For Some

The study mentioned above was published in Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, and looked specifically at the results of the Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Erenumab in Migraine Prevention (or STRIVE, for short). In this study, close to 1000 people who suffer from episodic migraines received either a placebo, 70 mg of the migraine medication erenumab, or 140 mg of the same medication. These participants were observed for three to six months to see if there was any reduction in migraines.

While none of the participants were completely migraine-free after three months, a significant amount of people saw a reduction in how often they had migraines. Of the people who took the highest dose experienced 50% less migraines than before the study, compared with 43% of the people on the lower dose, and 26% of people on the placebo. Some participants reported having a 75% reduction in migraine days, as well.

However, between 16% and 19% of participants saw no improvement with their migraines, meaning that while a lot of people can benefit from these new drugs, they won’t work for everyone.

What happens if you are one of the migraine sufferers that these drugs don’t work for?

Drug-Free Migraine Treatment Is an Alternative

Approximately one-third of people who have migraines also suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ or TMD). TMJ can cause or exacerbate migraines, meaning that treating your TMJ can also lead to migraine relief.

TMJ treatment can be done using drug-free, nonsurgical approaches, meaning you can avoid side effects, ongoing costs, and surgical risks. 

Best of all, TMJ treatment can be done using drug-free, nonsurgical approaches. This helps you avoid drug side effects, ongoing drug costs, and surgical risks. 

Are You Looking for Migraine Relief in Kanata? 

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