How FOY® Dentures Rejuvenate Your Look min

How FOY Dentures Can Transform Your Appearance

Dentures are supposed to make you feel confident.

A new smile should fix all of your problems, right? Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Traditional dentures have a nasty habit of actually making you look older and not fitting properly in your mouth.

The solution? FOY Dentures.

What Are FOY Dentures?

Kiss your ill-fitting dentures goodbye and say hello to a smile that is yours. Using neuromuscular technology, FOY Dentures are designed to restore your face to its youthful proportions. Because they’re made of ceramic and a PMMA base, your new teeth will look shockingly real. These materials allow the dentures to be custom made for you.

How Traditional Dentures Make You Look Older

Your teeth serve a higher purpose than biting, chewing and being the focal point of your smile. They’re also responsible for supporting the lower third of your face. If your teeth are gone, so is the support. This causes your face to collapse and your lower jaw to meet your upper jaw, resulting in the skin on your face to droop and fold.

More side effects of poorly fitting dentures include:

  • Jowls
  • Wrinkles around your mouth
  • Thin lips
  • Turkey neck

You’re probably wondering how dentures are responsible for these signs of aging. The answer is relatively simple.

Traditional dentures aren’t designed to fully replace the volume of your original teeth. Because they’re shorter than your natural teeth, you end up with skin that doesn’t fit properly around your face.

Your appearance isn’t the only thing that suffers from poorly fitting dentures. Without your teeth, your body naturally removes bone from your jaw, causing the support for the lower third of your face to dwindle. Because traditional dentures aren’t custom designed for you, the pressure points and pinch points created can actually speed up aging and bone loss.

How FOY Dentures Make You Look Younger

The neuromuscular technology used to create FOY Dentures is a perfect base for making sure that your new smile is as similar to your natural smile as possible. The fit of your new dentures allows them to rest at the proper natural position, not set back like traditional dentures. This provides more support for your lips and cheeks, reducing the appearance of thin lips and sunken cheeks. The better fit also balances the bite force in your mouth which eliminates pinch and pressure points, effectively slowing the aging process.

Where to Get FOY Dentures in Ottawa

If you’re ready to stop the signs of aging in their tracks, visit Dr. Andrea Stevens today.

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