NuCalm For Stress

How NuCalm Can Help in Everyday Life

It’s perfectly normal to have some level of apprehension when visiting the dentist.

Whether you’re worried about the experience as a whole or the cost of the procedure, a little bit of worry is nothing to be alarmed about.

When your fears keep you back from the dentist, it becomes a problem. A solution to overcoming that fear is NuCalm, an all-natural, stress intervention technology that has proven to be beneficial both in the dentists’ office and in everyday life.

For James Thorne, NuCalm was the key to lessening the stress of his daily struggles. As a military serviceman who suffered severe stress from combat trauma and his subsequent role as a digital forensic examiner where he had to evaluate unthinkable cases of child abuse. Dr. Stevens arranged for NuCalm to donate this system to see if it would have a positive impact on his daily struggles. Her reasoning?

“He has given so much to the cause of freedom overseas and so much to improving our local quality of life. I cannot think of a more deserving person.”

Are you looking for a way to manage your anxiety both in and out of the dentists’ chair? Contact Dr. Andrea Stevens today to see if NuCalm is right for you.

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