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How Poor Posture Affects More Than Your Appearance

How many times have you asked yourself what the causes of your head and neck pain are?

Is it stress, awkward sleeping positions, TMJ, or even a misaligned bite? A combination of all of the above?

The root cause of all of your aches and pains could stem from something you could be doing right this second.

Take a look at how you’re sitting. Are your shoulders slightly curved inward and your back a tad bit hunched? If you’ve been experiencing the uncomfortable (and often debilitating) pain that comes from poor posture, there are ways to get you feeling pain free.

What Does Good Posture Look Like?

Many people walk around with poor posture and don’t even realize it. You may even be unknowingly guilty of it yourself.

The proper way to position your head and neck is so that your ears are directly over your shoulders. This is difficult for many people, seeing as your head weighs eight pounds, the equivalent of a labrador puppy or newborn baby. Walking around with the weight of a small child on your neck isn’t easy. It is worth it to ensure that you’re keeping your head in a proper position, though.

What Happens If I Don’t Have Good Posture?

You might think that the consequences of poor posture are purely physical, but that’s not entirely true. If your head is one inch ahead of where it should be, the relative strain on your neck muscles is 16 pounds. If your head is two inches farther than where it should be, you are adding 32 pounds of added weight to your neck.

What sounds better: correcting your posture of having the equivalent of two large bowling balls resting on your neck?

How Can I Correct My Posture?

Lucky for you, the days of balancing books on your head to ensure that you have the best posture are over. Something as simple as stretching every day can greatly improve your physical well-being. There are countless books available to teach people like you how to improve your posture.

If you’re tired of the constant head and neck pain associated with TMJ and poor posture, contact Dr. Andrea Stevens today.

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