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How to Get New Teeth in a Day

You’ve heard the same dental advice your whole life: brush twice a day, floss more than you currently do, eat healthy food without too much sugar, and visit the dentist regularly. All of that is great advice, but it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of you losing your teeth eventually.

You may be avoiding the dentist due to the time commitment, fear, and the cost associated with dental care which leads to problem areas in your mouth worsening without being treated. If the problem persists past the point of treatment, you may be at risk of being stuck with ill-fitted dentures.

If the idea of dentures makes you squirm in your chair, there is an alternative. All-on-4 dental implants gives you the option to have dental implants secured in your mouth on the same day the damaged teeth are removed.

If you’re still not sure, listen to what an actual patient has to say about getting a brand new set of teeth in a single day.


You can get the smile of your dreams without anyone knowing that the teeth in your mouth aren’t your own. Contact Dr. Andrea Stevens today to see if All-on-4 implants are right for you.

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