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How to Maintain the Integrity of Your Teeth

Minor staining, erosion, and wear on your teeth are normal, inevitable parts of life.

However, you may not even realize that some things you’re eating or drinking are having a much more serious impact on the outward appearance of your teeth.

At Dr. Stevens’ office we can help prevent and restore these damages, but why not try to avoid them on your own from the get-go?

Here are some tips for maintaining the durability and whiteness of your teeth.


Anything that can stain your clothes, can likely stain your teeth over time. Stains are often reversible but not always easily. Here’s what you should avoid or minimize:

  • Coffee/tea
  • Blueberries
  • Beets
  • Soda/cola
  • Artificial dyes (popsicles, candy, some juices)
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Wine
  • Curry

Conversely, some foods that can naturally whiten your teeth include strawberries (counterintuitive, but true!), yogurt, and pineapples.


Minor daily wear and tear on your teeth is unavoidable, and generally harmless, but chipping and advanced erosion can lead to more serious problems. Exposed nerves, infection, and tooth loss/cracking are no joke.

Here are some common edibles that can cause erosion, malformations, and breakage:

  • Hard foods such as ice, candy, or hard breads
  • Acidic foods (lemons, limes, oranges, alcohol, stomach acids, and vinegars)
  • Refined carbs (crackers, white bread, pasta, cereal)
  • Nail biting

Always be careful of sneaky pits and bones left in meat, as these can be disastrous to your jaw and teeth.

Abrasive foods and liquids should be kept to a minimum to avoid tooth deterioration. When the enamel on the tooth is eroded, it leaves the tooth vulnerable to further damage like cavities. Some types of carbs have also been linked with inflammation and can play a part in gingivitis, and show be eaten with caution.


As you probably already know sugary foods can cause cavities, but they aren’t the only culprits.

A few factors can lead to pesky cavities, and if left untreated, infection and tooth decay:

  • Sugar/ sweets
  • Sticky foods (dried fruits, bread, etc)
  • Strange shaped foods (stringy things like spinach, cap-like things like popcorn kernels, etc)

We don’t expect you to give up your sweets or other favorite foods! We do however suggest you brush your teeth after dessert or after drinking soda.

Flossing everyday and getting regular dental cleanings are also important ways you can eliminate food that has gotten stuck in the crevices and spaces between teeth so that it can’t form bacterial irritations and cavities.

We want you to have the strongest, whitest teeth possible – that’s what makes us smile! We care about your health and safety as a whole and that includes helping you with harm reduction!

If you need help with damage prevention, health maintenance, or restoration of your teeth, give us a call! Dr. Andrea Stevens offers teeth whitening and fillings.

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