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Is Your Dentist Catching All Your Cavities?

You work hard to keep your teeth pearly white and healthy.

You brush and floss regularly and you watch what you eat. Surely your teeth are cavity-free and your dentist can’t possibly find anything wrong, right?

Not quite.

There could be tiny, hidden cavities that your dentist can’t see during the traditional “pick” and x-ray exams. Left untreated, these cavities could turn into painful problems that can leave a hefty dent in your wallet.

How did my dentist not see the cavities?

Until recently, your dentist likely didn’t have the tools to detect them. Since cavities begin deep in the pits and grooves of your teeth, the pick can’t get to them. Even x-rays don’t always pick them up because they’re often in undetectable spots. Without being noticed, the cavities continue to grow until they’re large enough to be detected… And large enough to need potentially uncomfortable, time-consuming, and hard-on-the-wallet dental visits to fix.

What is the best way to find the most commonly missed cavities?

Lasers are for more than hair removal and dramatic effect in movies.

FDA-approved laser scanners can find even the tiniest of commonly missed cavities while they’re still quick, painless, and affordable to repair. According to the FDA, these compact diode laser scanners are 100% accurate when it comes to finding even the smallest of cavities.

They work by shining a beam onto your teeth, specifically in spots that dental picks can’t reach. When the beam is reflected out, it gets measured by special receptors. Those measurements show your dentist exactly where the cavities are.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Thanks to laser scanners, your dentist can find cavities so early, they can usually take care of them quickly and painlessly with comfortable alternatives to the traditional drill. In addition to the convenience, they also allow your dentist to use little to no freezing when treating the cavities. By using a different dental laser or a mini-air abrasion device, they are able to clean out any small cavities without freezing.

Your dentist wants to do everything in their power to keep your mouth healthy, including catching cavities while they’re easily treatable. If you want help catching the small, undetected cavities before they cause you real problems, reach out to Dr. Andrea Stevens.

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