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Laser Dentistry Will Elevate Your Dental Experience

We pride ourselves in using the most state-of-the-art equipment and technology, bringing you optimal comfort during your visits.

Laser dentistry is one of the leading ways we provide you with quality service with a smile. It might sound futuristic and fancy, and that’s because it is! More importantly, this technology can elevate the comfort and quality of your dental experience.

Laser Dentistry is More Advanced

Lasers excel in precision. This means reduced chances of damage to surrounding tissues and healthy healing without infection.

Being more precise means tinier incisions, cleaner cuts and seals, and less risk of infection.

Laser dentistry tools also disinfect everything their beam touches automatically. This ensures a sanitized environment for the wounds to heal without issue.

Laser Dentistry Is More Comfortable

Many people experience anxiety at the dentist’s office and it is often exacerbated by the scary sounds of the drills.

Laser Dentistry is silent so you can relax in the chair and enjoy a near-painless experience.

If you have additional apprehension, we still offer the NuCalm treatment alongside the laser for maximum ease.

Another benefit of the laser tools is the ability to promote blood clotting. They cauterize the wounds shut immediately, as well as disinfect the area.

You can leave your appointment with minimal bleeding and very low risk of painful infection or impact, likely even without the need for any sutures or stitches!

Laser Dentistry Is Faster

Not only is this technique more thorough and more accurate, it’s faster too (for many of the reasons we’ve mentioned).

The efficiency of the procedure is improved because the precision of the laser makes it easier to complete. This makes the procedure itself pass quicker – and no one likes to sit in that chair for long!

The healing process is also faster because the area is disinfected and sealed tidily. Dr. Stevens only uses the laser where she needs to, so you don’t experience excess recovery areas.

Laser dentistry tools are barely noticeable in your mouth and your post-procedure healing will be a breeze.

We’re proud to offer this service and we highly recommend asking us if laser dentistry is right for your next appointment. Give Dr. Andrea Stevens‘ office a call at 613-271-7091, so we can go over the most efficient and safe method of dentistry with you!

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