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Do you miss the carefree confidence you had when you were younger?

Do you find yourself unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and smile?

Are you tired of having to work overtime to keep your dentures in place when doing everyday things?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need FOY® (Fountain of Youth) Dentures. They’ll give you the comfort, function, and confidence you need to face each day as a happier, more confident you.

Cosmetic, Dentures Can Rejuvenate Your Appearance and Support The Lower Third of Your Face

Do your existing dentures cause more problems than they solve?

Do you find yourself trying to discreetly keep them in place when you eat, laugh, or talk?

You need an upgrade.

FOY® Dentures may be the thing you need to get natural looking teeth that look and function like dentures should.

As your teeth get worn or lost, there’s less support for the lower third of your face. This can lead to signs of aging such as:

  • Jowls
  • Wrinkles around your mouth (sometimes called lipstick lines)
  • Nasolabial folds (parentheses lines)
  • Marionette lines
  • Thin lips
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Turkey neck

Most dentures aren’t designed to address these problems. They may replace your teeth, but they don’t replace the support for your face. But FOY® Dentures are designed to restore the youthful proportions of your face to help reduce the signs of facial aging.

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How Are FOY® Dentures Made?

In order to deliver stunning results, it’s imperative that these dentures are made with the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry. They’re crafted with high quality materials and a durable base rather than the plastics used in traditional dentures. The base is designed using a layering technique that makes the gums look natural, including the inclusion of fibres that give the appearance of blood vessels found in your natural gums.

Using higher quality materials creates a more natural appearance by giving the teeth the lustre of your natural teeth. It also allows for more customization because the teeth can be designed individually, making it the perfect opportunity to get a smile that’s uniquely yours.

What Are the Benefits of FOY® Dentures?

As a revolutionary modern development in denture technology, they provide you with the best results. Now you can enjoy natural looking dentures that function as they were meant to. The outstanding fit isn’t just practical, it also has aesthetic benefits. By supporting your jaw properly, they can rejuvenate your appearance. It’s almost like getting a facelift, but without the surgery!

People who have undergone restorative dentistry procedures will be pleased to know that they are compatible with dental implants.

They’ll make you feel like you’re not wearing dentures at all and they’re completely customizable: you can get them tailored to the comfort, fit, function, and aesthetic that you want. It’s like having the ability to build your perfect smile.

How Are FOY® Dentures Different Than Traditional Dentures?

Many traditional dentures use modern techniques that fit you to one of a few preset sizes (sometimes literally small, medium, and large). While this makes dentures cheaper, it doesn’t make them fit better.

FOY® Dentures utilize neuromuscular dentistry to ensure not only a proper fit, but a balance with your facial structure. This helps your dentures stay in place and makes them comfortable without irritating your gums. Because they help your jaw stay in its best resting position, they can help with symptoms of TMJ/TMD.

Ill-fitting dentures won’t support natural jaw movement. They can lead to sores, pinching, and a faster rate of jawbone loss due to uneven pressure that stresses your gums and bone. If you’re wearing poor-fitting dentures, you’re at risk of neck pain, headaches, and difficulty eating nutritious food.

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Your smile is one of the most important factors in interpersonal relationships and professional situations. More than that, your smile can help you feel good about yourself so you can face whatever life throws at you with confidence.