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Alleviate your Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Symptoms With Neuromuscular Dentistry in Kanata

TMD (commonly referred to as TMJ) is a common problem, but it is often misdiagnosed.

If you’ve been to countless doctors and you can’t get an explanation or relief for your headaches, jaw pain, toothaches, or ear problems, you may benefit from a visit to Dr.Andrea Stevens Dentistry.

How Will My TMD/TMJ Be Diagnosed??

Many cases of TMD are not permanent. Sometimes you can alleviate the symptoms by using home care methods. However, if the symptoms aren’t going away, it’s time to seek professional help.

Successful treatment relies on a proper diagnosis. This starts with a discussion of your medical history and symptoms. In our office, we continue with a physical exam. This exam uses computer diagnostics to get digital measurements of the state of your jaw, including the tension in your muscles, the sound of the joint, and the precise motion of your jaw.

Can TMD Be Cured?

After your diagnosis, we’ll design an oral splint to help reduce your symptoms. It can take a few months to experience full relief. Once symptoms are alleviated, you may proceed to a long term, stable treatment.
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What Causes TMD?

The temporomandibular joint links the temporal bone of your skull (where your middle and inner ear are) and your jaw (the mandible). It’s a critical joint at a very important intersection of your body. The TMD or TMJ label is given to a loose group of conditions that affect this joint and related systems. The three most common types of TMD are:

  • Muscle pain disorder (MPD)
  • Disc displacement
  • Degenerative joint disease

If you have MPD, it means you have an imbalance in bite forces that cause your jaw muscles to be sore. This leads to facial pain, tension headaches, and more unpleasant symptoms. The nerve that controls your jaw muscles is the same nerve that triggers migraines, so you may experience more debilitating headaches.

If you have disc displacement, the cushioning disc in the temporomandibular joint comes out of place. This causes jaw popping, clicking, and irregular jaw movement.

Degenerative joint disease usually happens when the temporomandibular joint is affected by some form of arthritis.

It is possible to have more than one type of TMD.

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Where Can I Find a TMD/TMJ Dentist in Kanata?

Dr. Andrea Stevens is a general dentist who looks at and treats your bite system as a whole. This allows her to deliver comfortable and durable restorations and treat TMD symptoms. Relief is available. Book an appointment with Dr. Stevens today.