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When is the Best Time to Schedule a Dentist Appointment?

Trying to fit dentist appointments into your schedule is hard.

You’re busy as is. You work, you have a social life, and if you have kids, you have to plan your schedule around them. Choosing the best time to make an appointment is hard.

Do you choose an early morning appointment so you can get to work after?
Do you schedule one for the afternoon or early evening when your kids are done school and you’re done work?
Or do you hope for an opening during the weekend when you have a break in your schedule?

Why aren’t dental offices open late?

We can’t speak for every office, but we start seeing patients at 7:30am because we’re morning people. Since we start early, our day ends at 4pm every day so that we can relax physically and mentally, and spend time with our families and doing things that we enjoy.

Some clinics have been advertising things like “when your dentist can’t see you, we can!” or that they’re open late nights and weekends for your convenience, almost like they’re your local 24/7 corner store. Sure, it’s convenient, but you’re not getting the level of care or service that you expect.

Some practices can offer longer opening hours by getting their employees to work in shifts. The problem with this is that there is usually one or more dentists working 12+ hour days. There is a little bit of competition in the dental world, with each office trying to compete with the other by being open later or all weekend. It is not unusual for some dentists to work 50-60 hour work weeks, including evenings and weekends. This is a fast way for new dentists to experience burnout, and when that happens, their passion for the industry may fizzle out, too.

At Dr. Stevens’ office, we do most of our major treatments in the morning and simpler treatments in the afternoon. Even though we finish our shifts at 4pm, we forward the office phone to a cellphone that each member of the team takes turns carrying, so that if there is a dental emergency, you can always reach us, including on weekends and holidays.

Why can’t my dentist work around my schedule?

Your dentist went to school for a long time to be able to offer you a high level of care. Unfortunately they did not learn to become miracle workers. All that they are able to do is acknowledge that they can’t be everyone’s dentist, but they can create a great relationship with all of their patients and constantly look for new ways to upgrade their knowledge.

When you’re searching for a new dentist, don’t rest your decision on a convenient location or weekend availability. Instead, consider the type of care that you’d be receiving. Always look for a team you can trust to best educate you on everything that modern dentistry has to offer.

When looking for that special team, consider relying on Dr. Andrea Stevens.

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