Why Invisalign is the Best Orthodontic Treatment During the Pandemic

Why Clear Aligners Are The Best Orthodontic Treatment During The Pandemic

You’ve probably spent a lot of time adjusting to a new normal.

Everything from grocery shopping to visiting loved ones to travelling has changed. One thing you may not have considered is how your orthodontic treatments may change.

If you’ve been considering an orthodontic treatment like braces, you may be wondering if you should wait until things are back to normal before starting your treatment. Instead, why not consider a solution that works with the new normal? Clear aligners are the perfect treatment to choose this year.

Starting Treatment is Quick and Easy

Traditional metal braces take a long time to set up. You may not love the idea of sitting in our chair for an hour with your mouth wide open right now. Clear aligners don’t have that problem; after we take digital impressions of your teeth, you’re on your way!

These digital impressions are sent to a lab where your clear aligners are made. Once you receive them, we will show you how they work and give you care instructions. Then, it’s just a matter of visiting every six weeks or so for a quick and easy check-up to see how your treatment is progressing.


Convenience is key with clear aligners. They are completely removable, so brushing, flossing, and eating are all as easy as ever.

Care of your aligners is also simple. In the morning and evening, remove the clear aligners and soak them in the special cleaner or just brush gently with your toothbrush. After a few minutes, your aligners will be sparkling clean.

Less Appointments

Dental emergencies are common when you have metal braces. Brackets and wires can break, even if you’re being careful. Whenever this happens, you have to see your dentist to get them fixed. With clear aligners, broken brackets and wires aren’t a problem.

Metal braces also need to be adjusted every four to six weeks. At an average of 30 minutes each time, that’s a lot of commitment! With clear aligners, you only need to come in every six weeks and appointments are much faster.

Your Mask Will Hide The Treatment

Your mask can do double-duty. In addition to protecting others, it will also hide your orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are nearly invisible anyway, but if you’re self-conscious about your treatment, they won’t be visible at all behind your mask.

You’ll Look Great Post-Pandemic

There’s a lot to look forward to when the pandemic ends, and a new smile can be one of them. Treatment with clear aligners usually takes between six months and two years, and since we don’t know when things will return to normal, you may come out of the pandemic with a brand-new smile.

While health officials recommend for you stay home as much as possible, visiting the dentist is safe and important to your health. We are taking the recommended precautions to keep everyone safe. Clear aligners can help limit your exposure to the outside world at the same time. Contact our Kanata, ON dental office to schedule a consultation for clear aligners with Dr. Andrea Stevens.

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